Artist Statement

Blackberries in the Hedgerow, Watercolour by Anna Marie Leavy



Transparent Watercolour is ideal for capturing the fleeting effects of light and its elusive quality can transform a painting with the stroke of a brush. I find the magic in this so inspiring. With an emphasis on colour, the painting process allows me to add a sense of drama, versatile in mood that can be playful yet dramatic. 


With acrylics, I like the colours to ooze like syrup over the surface, where they are moved around and dragged.  With this medium, tool making has become an important part of my work as well as a selection of brushes and palette knives that enable me to spread the paint in a particular way with quite individual results. 


When working with acrylics I am particularly enthusiastic about the mountains for their steadfastness, shape, colour and the relative lightness and darkness of tones. The quality of my paints, brushes, watercolour paper and canvases are so important to me, to capture life and movement in a painting.


Saoirse Studios, Ballagh, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Ireland. T: +353-4493-48823 E:
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